Frequent heartburn is more common than you think.

Is frequent heartburn getting in the way of doing the things you love? Well you’re not alone. In fact, an estimated 50 million Americans experience symptoms associated with frequent heartburn, which is heartburn that occurs two or more days a week. That’s why as a sufferer it’s important to understand first why it occurs, then the simple steps you can take to help treat it.

See how Zegerid OTC® can help

The following sections will help educate you about frequent heartburn, as well as teach you ways that may help prevent it.


Learn what foods and lifestyle choices may trigger heartburn. See heartburn triggers


Not sure if you have frequent heartburn? Check your symptoms


Take the mystery out of heartburn.
Learn the science behind heartburn

Zegerid OTC Box

*It's possible with Zegerid OTC. Use as directed for 14 days for treating frequent heartburn.
Zegerid OTC may take 1-4 days for full effect, although some people get complete relief within 24 hours.

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